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A Home of Luxury

Maria & Franky Wiputra

Principle Designer:
Jimmy Hamdani

Type: Residential

Design Style: Modern Classic

Date: 2020

Combining the word “Luxury” and “Home” often leads to a paradox. The paradox rose from the idea that a home is warm and welcoming while luxury is upscale and professional. To connect both elements, APIQUE designers had to change the game’s rules to bring out each design philosophy’s strength exclusively.

To break this paradox, the designers employ a symbiosis of the modern and the classic approach to deliver the best of the two worlds.

To break the paradox, we apply a modern, bright and natural palette of colors and mix it with modern furniture with a minimalist design for this build. We follow up with the adjunct of the metallic element to intensify the classical look of the home so that modern design was not lost in the grand scheme of things.

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