The Reverie


Type: Residential

Design Style: Modern & Tropical

Date: 2020

Imagine the perfect house, built of lifelong dreams, a house that everyone envies – this is the house.

The Reverie is a delicate mix between ambition and art, the desire to bring the castle in the clouds down to earth. Designed and built by multiple architects, this project is a melting pot of the best the architectural world has to offer. With everything and anything in the house custom made and build based on a reverie, the project is truly the personification of bringing a dream to a reality.

The Reverie is located at a prestigious location in North Sumatera, surrounded by lush green. The hot and humid climate of the region, alongside the heavy influence of nature, pushes us to create a home that befits a tropical region – a tropical, modern design.

The modern tropical design heavily features timber elements and natural ventilation to promote natural air circulation and reflecting heat away from home. Embracing its natural environment, this home emphasizes modern, clean lines and simple yet intricate design with a combination and materials and textures sourced worldwide. The Reverie is unequivocally the perfect tropical home.

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