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A Home Away
from Kyoto

Franky Wiputra

Principle Designer:
Jimmy Hamdani

Type: Residential

Design Style: Modern Japanese

Date: 2020

In Japan, a home design is tied in deeply with their tradition. Deriving from the religion of Shinto, the Japanese believe in the idea of Wabi-sabi, the beauty in imperfection and Kami, the idea that spirits inhabit all living and non-living being.

By combining these two fundamental principles, a designer could bring a Japanese-styled design into life while maintaining a deep appreciation and respect for the culture – and it is precisely what the APIQUE team has done.

The designer heavily utilizes elements from the natural world in design and furniture selection, such as wood, stone, concrete and a tinge of ceramics. Natural elements reflect on the traditional Japanese home of design of old to allow the spirits or Kami to reside in their homes and provide protection and luck to the home and it’s family.

With light or muted colors, large windows and wide-open spaces, the APIQUE team drives in the serene and whimsical atmosphere that all Japanese design has. The overall home and layout are a homage to the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic. We apply an element of asymmetry and roughness yet modest – a form of appreciation of the beauty of the inconsistency in nature and the Buddhist teaching that inspires it.

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