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Bravat Showroom Medan

Setio Prasetyo & Franky Wiputra

Principle Designer:
Jimmy Hamdani

Type: Commercial, Shop & Retail

Design Style: Modern

Date: 2020

The interior and architectural studio APIQUE developed the design of the Bravat showroom in Medan.

The project’s goal was to create a comfortable yet clinical space that would echo the branding of the products. Soft modern design with a predominant white pallet accompanied by ample walking space allows space to appear hygienic and futuristic— a space where the Bravat brands and product will always take center stage of the customers’ minds.

The interior of the Bravat showroom follows classical principles: a glass entrance area, a spacious two-levelled exhibition area, and a customer service area. The open layout ensures a natural and smooth flow from one area to another with minimal view obstructions. The soft modern design is further highlighted with a select utilization of natural and dark colors, which produces an informal yet welcoming space.

Combining all the carefully curated elements, this showroom will attract customers with its exquisite design and make them feel relaxed while selecting and purchasing Bravat products.

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