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RSU. Mitra Medika Premiere – Lobby

This premium hospital perfectly combines high-end luxury comfort with state-of-the-art medical technologies.

Constructed to feel like a luxury hotel, we aim to alleviate the anxiety patients commonly associate when entering a hospital.

Design Style Modern
Area Size 444 m2
Completion Maret 2023
Project Duration 6 Months


We believe that the safety and the workplace of a hospital is only one part of the equation.

The way we create a physical space design and construction of a hospital can have a profound impact on a the fear, anxiety and stress level of both patients and healthcare professionals alike.


We believe that the well-being of the patient and the healthcare professionals is the most important aspect of constructing a healthcare space. The patient, visitors, and staff oriented experience are shaped by the space they’re receiving, observing and providing care.

Thus, we encourage our engineers and architects to keep placing themselves as the patience and as a person who will have to work in this high-stressed environment. This allow us to bring forwards a space that minimizes anxiety and improve the overall experience for everyone involved.

Lastly, we also create a space that could easily adapt to new and emerging medical technologies and practices. Easily allowing RSU. Mitra Medika Premiere to be in the forefront of medical excellence in its region and exceeding every industry and customer standards of healthcare.

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