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Contemporary Family Apartment

A contemporary family apartment with a modern, organic design. This family apartment has everything you need to make your stay comfortable.

The Reverie

The house built out of dreams. A delicate mix between ambition and art, the desire to bring the castle in the clouds down to earth.

The Penumbra

A dark drenched interior made for the charismatic few of the society, vis-à-vis the power couple owner in their golden age.

The Hidden Gem

The Hidden Gem Designer: Franky Wiputra Principle Designer: Jimmy Hamdani Type: Residential Design Style: Modern Contemporary Date: 2020 The moment you acquire your own family, you need a proper place, a warm home to build your family stories and traditions. It is the...

The Apartment in White

A quaint apartment that strives for everything simple – with minimal colour palette and decoration, the designers try to keep it simple.

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