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The Hidden Gem

Franky Wiputra

Principle Designer:
Jimmy Hamdani

Type: Residential

Design Style: Modern Contemporary

Date: 2020

The moment you acquire your own family, you need a proper place, a warm home to build your family stories and traditions.

It is the place where your home will establish the roots of your family while relaxing after work. APIQUE is tasked to create this loving home and some more – he wanted a space where he could relive his young self; he wanted a secret bar.

Our designers seek to create duality in the home, a homey feeling in the front, while a party in the back.

To implement the design idea, we opt for warm colors with plenty of natural lights with a delicate balance of wood and stone materials for the family area. Meanwhile, we chose a darker luxury design with powerful stone accents for the secret underbelly – creating a great atmosphere to hang out with the boys.

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