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The Hidden GemΒ 
Residential Home

A homey feeling in the front, while a party in the back.

A home with a hard to balance combination of family and fun that mixes the responsibility of creating a family while still being able to enjoy the fun parts of being an adult.

Design Style Modern Contemporary
Area Size TBA
Completion February 2022
Project Duration 5 Months


The moment you acquire your own family, you need a proper place, a warm home to build your family stories and traditions.

But, the owner of this family also wanted a space where he could relive their young self; he wanted a secret bar where they could have fun or conduct business within their home.


To implement the design idea, we opt for warm colors with plenty of natural lights with a delicate balance of wood and stone materials for the family area.

Meanwhile, we chose a darker luxury design with powerful stone accents for the secret underbelly – creating a great atmosphere to hang out with the boys.

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